• January 04, 2020   EDUCATION / ENGINEERING

    Mistakes that Engineering students make in India

    1) Taking up Engineering for Society’s Sake: The moment a child clears his / her Xth standard exams , the The moment a child clears his / her Xth standard exams , the coaching enrollment drama begins. if you are a science student, the packages are XIth + XIIth + CET /JEE or XIth + XIIth + NEET. So basically by default the professions available for the child are ,either Engineering or Medicine. The Child has no clue ,for what rhyme or reason has he/she enrolled for these courses. The Rat race finally, leads them to filling up a centralized admission form, selecting various engineering colleges and courses. By default, they land up into an engineering college, ask them Why Engineering ?? , well everybody said ‘SCOPE achcha hai’ , so i am here.The child was never given an option to choose, most students are pushed into engineering by the wierd working ways of our society.

    2) Studying for Examination only: Once into engineering, most students develop a mind set . They feel, that their sole aim during the semester should be clearing the papers. They pick up the smallest possible notes, most concise possible material or in lot of cases, just the past examination papers. Anything that they score over 40% (passing score) is a bonus and they are happy ,just coz they do not have a backlog. This Attitude is the root cause of why lot of children ,though they clear engineering, they never learn anything, at the end of the four years , the mind is a clean slate.

    3) Not acquiring additional Technical knowledge: The world of technology changes at a very rapid pace.The Universities cannot update or change their syllabus or teaching pattern on an yearly basis, as there are too many constraints to take care of and careers of too many students are at stake. it is then up-to the students to acquire additional technical knowledge, which is more relevant to the real world.Most students, stay in the engineering cocoon thinking that, just the 40 odd subjects that they study in four years of engineering will make them good enough to face the real world.Hence, once they join the industry they get a reality check, but unfortunately it is too late by the.