Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE) - Part -2

This course covers the complete syllabus of F.E. Semester 1.

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Topics covered
  • DC Circuits: (Only independent source) Kirchhoff‘s Laws, Ideal and practical Voltage and current Sources, Source Transformation, Mesh and Nodal Analysis, Star-Delta / Delta-Star Transformations, Superposition, Thevenin‘s Theorem, Norton‘s Theorem and Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
  • AC Circuits :Generation of alternating voltage, basic definitions, average and r.m.s values, phasor and phase difference, sums on phasors, Single-phase ac series and parallel circuits consisting of R, L, C, RL, RC, RLC combinations, definitions - real, reactive and apparent power, admittance (Y), Series and parallel resonance, Q factor
  • Generation of Three-Phase Voltages, voltage & current relationships in Star and Delta Connections, power measurement in three phase balanced circuit(Only two wattmeter method).
  • Transformers: Working principle of single-phase transformer, EMF equation of a transformer, Transformer losses, Actual (practical) and ideal transformer, Phasor diagram (considering winding resistance and magnetic leakage), Equivalent circuit, Open-circuit test (no-load test), short circuit (SC) test, efficiency.
  • Electrical Machines (Numerical not expected): Rotating magnetic field produced by three phase ac, principle of operation of Three-phase induction motor, constructional details and classification of Induction machines
  • 06 Principle of operation of Single-Phase induction motors, stepper motor (Single stack variable reluctance and permanent magnet) (Numerical not expected)
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Learn BEE from one of the leading faculties in Mumbai. Lectures would be every Sunday 8 am to 12 noon, starting from 24th January 2021.

The course fee is 8000 for Online , this is for the second and final instalment of 5000/-

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